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Wednesday 30th May…..what have we let ourselves in for??

So……when a ‘teambuilding day’ was announced in the office, it sounded a like a good fun idea!!

We are now sat outside an actual army barracks waiting to go in for this so called ‘teambuilding day’.

What???????? We expected a bit of outdoor activity but an actual army barracks!!

The first task was to remember the instructions the guy on the gate gave us to find the car park!!

Car parked and out we get. We find our way to the meeting room and grab ourselves a cuppa and a couple of biscuits (we have a feeling were gonna need the sugar rush!!).

There’s a bit of networking and chatting to the rest of the people there, everyone seems really keen to get going, not sure this excitement has really filtered into our group at this point yet.

Captain Alex Mallin then addresses the group to give us a run down on how the day is going to go, and also a bit of an overview about what they do.

The work the reservists do is fabulous and it was very encouraging to find out more about them.

Then comes the moment we have all been dreading……..todays activities.

The images on the slides show attendees crawling through mud trenches and jumping through tires, I am so not ready for this.

He then announces that today, ‘there will be no physical activities’.

With a huge sigh of relief we all agree this day is already looking a lot brighter, given that we can pop back for refreshments at any time and we get fed at lunchtime too.

The groups are displayed on the screen and we are asked to proceed to our mentor. He really doesn’t look best pleased to have us on his team, or should I say have Kelly on his team.

After a bit of banter and name-calling they kiss and make up and we head off to our first task of the day.

OMG are we really being allowed to fire real-life rifles???

This day is getting better by the minute.  After some safety advice we are allowed in to the rifle range and let loose with 10 rounds. We all thoroughly enjoyed this experience and know we can put it into practice at some point in the workplace!!

We move onto our next task, which is a ‘plan ex’ task. (planned expedition task).

As the brief is explained to us, we are all looking around the room at each other as confused as seeing Santa Claus in the summertime.

In our groups we start to read through it individually, with more and more confusion spreading across us.

Frantically writing notes and trying to convince each other we knew what we were doing!!

The preparation time was over; it was now time to present the groups’ findings to the sergeants sat at the desk. Jeez none of us were prepared for the grilling that was about to take place.

Question after question after question, thankfully our group supported each other and we kinda reached a conclusion by default and saved poor Sally from dying on her archaeology expedition.


Next up was lunchtime, definitely the part of the day we had all been looking forward to.

A lovely buffet in the officers’ mess, a nice glass of something cold and fizzy would have been the perfect accompaniment, however we made do with water and tea.

As always, lunchtime passed far too quickly and before we knew it we were back out onto our next task.

We were working with the military police on this one, CSI eat your heart out. Guns, knives, blood, bullets and even a dead body!! This was awesome and we all really enjoyed it!!

We received some really positive comments from the mentors on this task, and it was apparent that we work really well as a team!


Next up was our final task of the day, command tasks, which we absolutely nailed in no time at all, meaning that they had to find some others for us to do as we were well ahead of our finishing time.

Don’t think Sergeant Rankin was too impressed with this, I’m certain he thought we were cheating somehow!!

And that was our activities done and dusted for the day.  WOW that had really passed quickly and thankfully without injury or meltdowns.


We had a final debrief back in the meeting room and spoke about what we would take away from the day.


All in all, a fabulous day from beginning to end (even though we were dubious upon our arrival).


We certainly took away something we will be incorporating into training sessions moving forward.



June 20, 2018

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